Colori & Sapori del Mediterraneo

Le Pizzicherie

The delicacies to nibble in good company…

Cutting board with cold cuts and cheeses

15.50*2 - 21,50*3 - 28,50*4
The cold cuts are original of the Sila (mountains in Calabria). But even if Calabria has a spicy reputation, except the Spianata, all other cold cuts are sweet: capocollo, fillet, soppressata, sausage, rolled bacon, rustic salami. The cheeses: goat, cow and sheep cheeses coming from cheese factories in Basilicata, Sicily, Sardinia and Calabrian.


Arbanella is a word used in the Ligurian dialect to define a particular type of glass jar, useful to preserve foods. Plate of preserves in oil: dried tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms, different types of olives, onions, artichokes, stuffed peppers, anchovies


Fresh vegetables served with sauces from the crusher: anchovies cream, olive pate, dried tomatoes pate, oil emulsion with salt and balsamic vinegar.

L’antipasto del Cafone

A single course with bruschette, cold cuts, cheeses and vegetable preserves