Colori & Sapori del Mediterraneo

I Carpacci

The carpaccio is a dish made of slivers of meat or fish, raw or smoked,

served with other different ingredients.

Our Mediterranean version envisage all of three in smoked version.

Pesce Spada

(swordfish) with fennel, orange and oregano

Bresaola di Tonno

tuna with fresh tomato, lemon and basil

Lonza affumicata

smoked pork with tartare sauce and fresh tomato


Here there is the proof that the tuna is not going to waste. The tuna offal are salted and dried up and then they are used to flavour some dishes. We serve buzzonaglia, smoked filet, tuna eggs, mosciame, ficazza, cuore, lattume, with frisella and boiled potatos. Those names will not recall you anything, but trust me that it’s worth it. Where else can you eat a dish like this?!