Colori & Sapori del Mediterraneo

The Osteria Mezzaluna was born with the idea of ​​representing, with its flavours and its colours , a summary of the thousand cultural cues of the Mediterranean .

In Italian, the name itself is a happy combination of two concepts: “Tavern” that means tradition, pleasure of conviviality, hospitality and “Half Moon” as a symbol of local cuisine, just think about the kitchen tool “mezzaluna knife”. But it is also about culture: “Fertile Crescent”, the ideal region between the Caucasus and Mesopotamia, origin of many ingredients of our gastronomy and above all land of great civilizations.

The Osteria Mezzaluna finds its first natural place in Liguria, in Alassio, where it was founded in 1993, and after that followed by a new challenge: to bring the Mediterranean on the banks of the Po.

Therefore the second Osteria Mezzaluna was born in Turin in 1999.

Its precise identity and quality guaranteed during the time transform it into a reference for those who refuse to be catalogued and conformed on flows of the fashion, for those who know how to choose what creates wellness.

And we do our best to Nurture who is pleased to make this choice .

The Landlord, Renato Collodoro, with all his employees